About Me

Hi, I am Nicola. I am mama to two beautiful girls, Sophia and Abigail, and the founder of Sleep & Sanity. Having a baby is such an incredible journey but the sleep deprivation that many parents experience can feel overwhelming. I want to help you overcome this!

As a mother myself - have been there, done that!

I know first hand what loosing your sanity feels like due to lack or sleep. My only regret is leaving sleep support too late after my second child. I always prioritised juggling work and life over investing in a sleep consultant, only to later find that was exactly what I so desperately needed to function. Instead I focused on books (not tailored to my daughter) and money on ‘gimmicks’ (that never worked), which just left me even more frustrated.
After countless nights of lack of sleep I took the plunge and hired a sleep consultant. I was so grateful that I decided I would like to help other families to help them on this amazing, yet daunting, journey of being a parent and getting your little one to sleep peacefully.

I have undergone a comprehensive paediatrician-trusted, sleep training program called Sleep Sense to help families create healthy sleep habits.

I am available Australia-wide to help families with tailoring programmes based on the families needs with gentle approaches that work. Give yourself the gift of sleep and sanity and let me help you enjoy this wonderful journey of parenthood – just feeling that little bit more refreshed!

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Love Nic xx